The truth about biking will set you free.

The biggest paradox in cycling is that many “common sense” things cyclists do to be safe actually makes them less safe!

This is because they don’t understand how most crashes happen. In CyclingSavvy Basics, we show you how those crashes happen, and how to maximize your safety with a handful of smart strategies that virtually eliminate those conflicts.

None of this entails riding like Lance Armstrong, or going elbow-to-bumper with cars. It’s just a matter of being able to read traffic patterns, position yourself strategically, and communicate clearly with motorists — all learnable skills that we’ll teach you in this course.

Section One: Our Traffic System, Rules of Movement, and Bicycle Specific Laws

In this section, you will learn the logical rules that make our system work, the history of our road system, and who the roads are really for. You’ll learn the laws that apply to cyclists and why some of them are misinterpreted.

Section Two: Defensive Bicycle Driving Strategies

Bicycling is actually safe. You have way more control over your own safety than you realize. In this section you’ll discover the counterintuitive reason that bicycling is so safe. You’ll learn how the most common crashes happen and how you can avoid them.

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